Town of Triadelphia - Water System Improvements

Unit price contract to provide and install 12,100 LF 8 inch PVC waterline; 4,720 LF of 6 inch waterline; 680 LF 4 inch PVC waterline; 6,845 LF 2 inch waterline; 1,700 LF of temporary water lines; 2,500 LF of directional drills; 90 gate valves; 43 new fire hydrants; 5 Air Release Assemblies; 21 Flushout Assemblies; 267 Service Reconnections; 536 Radio read meters (various sizes), including software to integrate readers (include hand held data collector for backup only); 1-day onsite training, with system being compatible with the Owner’s billing software; and other work required to provide the complete system improvements project.

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