Town of Triadelphia - Wastewater System Improvements

Unit price contract to provide and install 17 EA new manhole base, cone top, and water tight casting on existing lines; 10 EA rebuild manhole inverts; 307 vertical feet of internal manhole sealings; 23 EA internal manhole chimney sealings; 116 EA new castings assemblies; 34 EA located and raise manhole; 4 EA install new manhole steps; 21 EA point repairs; 36 EA public gravity lateral repairs; 3 Service inspection holes on existing line; 5 EA inline lampholes; 26,890 LF of internal video inspection; 25 EA clean out repairs; 18 EA root removal; 530 LF liner insert; 1 LS Town Hall gutter system; videotaping of surface features and other appurtenances required for the rehabilitation of an existing gravity sewage collection system.

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